Our Policy Plan

Our Policy Plan

Our plan for the future

Policy Plan for the upcoming three years (2022-2025):

The board tries to carry out at least 1-5 projects per year, in which the goal of the foundation will always be put first. In addition, it is just as important to guarantee the integrity of the foundation and its objectives. To this end, it is important that basic matters relating to administration, banking, financial accountability, and tax matters are correctly organized.

The furnishing is conditional, but the goal is of course to raise funds and start projects. To this end, an overview will be made of companies and institutions to be approached that could support projects. A list of project priorities will be established, and fundraising will begin.

The foundation will mainly be publicized through social media. The funds will primarily provide for the implementation of the projects. Where possible, money will be reserved to cover the fixed costs of the foundation.

Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation has been granted ANBI status by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, or Public Benefit Organization.

Institutions can only be qualified as public benefit organizations if at least 90% of their efforts are focused on the common good.

Recruitment is done by all three board members
The fixed costs are initially paid with private money.
The bank is administered primarily by the treasurer, but board members are not alone and independently authorized. Assignments are always given by two directors.
An accountant is appointed to ensure the correct accounting of financial flows.
Incoming funds or donations are primarily used to carry out projects. Secondary and when specifically indicated, a buffer is created to be able to bear the fixed costs over the long term.
When the foundation is dissolved, the money that remains will be spent on the local CBO in Kenya (sister organization of Water4Wildlife) or an ANBI with a similar purpose to being determined.
Our key registration details are as follows:

Stichting Water4wildlife-Maasai Mara
KVK – 76717853
Tax No – 860772275
ANBI Status
Bank – NL33 ABNA 0888 3608 86