Report on the distribution of football kits by Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation to Nakuru Queens FC

Date of distribution: 6th July 2022.

Number of Kits Allocated:

Balls Nets Bibs Cons Pumps Whistles
10 4 48 80 2 4

Nakuru Queens FC is a girls’ football team in Nakuru County, Kenya. The participants range from 11-17 years of age. We supported over 50 girls through the “Kick the Ball, Save Our Wildlife” program, part of which focused on assisting the needy girls from the community to enrol into the club and empowering them with knowledge on the need to conserve wild animals.

The football equipment is expected to support the girl’s participation in football and encourage more of them to join the football club. Working with the Nakuru Queens FC promotes our values of enhancing gender equality in accessing football sports. More girls across different locations in Nakuru are expected to be enrolled on Nakuru Queens owing to the direct donation of football kits and equipment from the UEFA Foundation for Children.

“I am excited about the kind gesture shown to us by the management of Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara. I feel more empowered to take part in football just like boys do in our community. Girls like us need support such as kits, field infrastructure and coaching to compete equitably with our peers,” Catherine, a member of Nakuru Queens FC.