Report on the distribution of football kits by Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation to Nakuru Juvenile, Bondeni.

Date of distribution: 6th July 2022.

Number of Kits Allocated:

Balls Nets Bibs Cons Pumps Whistles
10 4 48 80 2 4

This is a juvenile prison in Nakuru, Kenya. The children were given football kits and equipment donations from the UEFA Foundation for Children to engage them in football and thus enable them to avoid the monotony and boredom in the correctional facility. The football kit donation is intended to improve the children’s participation in football and make them develop their social skills and grow to be better adults.

Overall, our coaches realized the effectiveness of the exercise among the recipient children as the donation lit up their faces, and they could not hide their joy. The facility, however, faces some challenges, such as a lack of a football pitch where children can play, and the fact that the children do not attend school is a reason to worry.

The children in the juvenile prison were overwhelmed with joy as they described how the football kits would enable them to express themselves in new exciting ways. Some wondered whether we would take back the kits after the activity and quickly requested that they be allowed to hold the kits in their custody. The prison management stored the equipment on behalf of the minors and shall provide them to the juveniles during playtime.

“This marks a special day in our calender. We have never received donation of such kind from well-wishers in our facility. Indeed, from now onwards, we shall actively incorporate games and sporting facilties among the juveniles as a way enable their holistic developments.” Prison Warden at Nakuru Juvenile, Bondeni.