Report on the distribution of football kits by Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation to Joylove Academy

Date of distribution:26th June 2022.

Number of Kits Allocated:

Balls Nets Bibs Cons Pumps Whistles
20 8 96 160 4 8

Joylove Academy, founded by Joyce Anyango, has strong affiliations with schools, communities, and local administration in the Nairobi West region where it operates. Joyce founded the academy out of the Girls Sports Outreach Program that uses football as a platform to mentor and educate young girls on overcoming challenges such as teenage pregnancies, self-esteem, and peer pressure.

Coach Joyce engaging some members of the academy.

The donated kits to the academy aim to improve the girls’ access to football and raise awareness of wildlife conservation through information sessions and skill sharing by Water4Wildllife Maasai Mara.

Joylove Yapigwa Jeki
A newspaper cutout of The Story of Jolylove as it appeared in the Kiswahili Newspaper, Taifa Leo.

Children and youth in Nairobi lack adequate space for sporting activities. Joylove Football Academy considers itself lucky and is grateful to Gatani Primary School Management for allowing them to use the school’s football pitch for practice during the weekends and holidays.

The event came to a successful close with the football kits and equipment distributed. However, this was only the beginning for the children and youth as they embraced the importance of conserving wildlife; they lined up to do drills, juggles, and small-sided games.

PS: The story of Joylove Academy appeared in a local Newspaper in Kenya, Taifa. The newspaper feature can be accessed here.

“I am so greatful for the support we have received from the Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara and the UEFA Foundatuon for Children. Since the begining, Joylove Academy has used football for community outreach and empower, educate and mentor young boys and girls. This is a great boast to us.” Joyce Anyango, Founder of Joylove Academy.