Report on the distribution of football kits by Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation to Greater Kudus FC

Date of distribution: 9th July 2022.

Number of Kits Allocated:

Balls Nets Bibs Cons Pumps Whistles
10 4 48 80 2 4

Greater Kudus FC is children and youth football club located at the shores of Kenya’s most popular hot spring, Lake Bogoria. Recently, the team has had to play on a smaller pitch because the rising lake waters swallowed up a bigger portion of their initial playground.

On the other hand, Wild Birds are facing a different threat. Invasive tree species locally known as Mathenge is endangering the birds. The rampant cases of flamingo deaths indicate this as the birds get pricked and get stuck on the thorny Mathenge tree vegetation as they try to fly. Village boys practice game hunting, threatening small herbivorous wild animals such as the hare and gazelles in the region. The children have taken up the initiative to save the birds by assisting in freeing them whenever they come across the stuck birds.

To empower the club members, Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara allocated football kits to improve their access to sport. The club members were excited about the donations as this will increase their participation and play. The children are passionate about playing football but lack equipment.

“Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to beneft from these donations. We feel privildged to receive balls and other materials from the UEFA Foundation for Children,” Emmanuel, a member of the Greater Kudus FC.